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AQSCERT is constantly looking for new talent to which it can offer the opportunity to operate in a national contest, international, multi-sector, with attractive conditions for inclusion, inclusive of incentives, and plans for training and career oriented to increasing the various professional and personal skills.

AQSCERT consists of a comprehensive set of activities, divided into 8 technical departments: Certification, In-Service Inspections and Audits, Training, Analysis laboratory, safety at work.

In addition to the technical departments, exciting career opportunities are possible at our Support Functions: Administration and Finance, Communications and Marketing, IT, Human Resources, General Services.

AQSCERT has triggered an important and complex research project of technical profiles of high professional level, aimed to enhance its structure.

For an unsolicited application you must use the Form Curriculum Online. The Human Resources currency directly each application received and maintains an archive of profiles be drawn on in case of campaigns recruitmen.


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