Having a competitive edge in today’s ever-changing international marketplace means ensuring your workforce is highly qualified and well-informed.

AQSCERT’s Training Services offer organizations a comprehensive training portfolio for enriching their workforce.

Our programs can be customized to suit any company, in any location worldwide and we closely monitor all of our programs to continuously offer quality, adapted and pertinent training solutions to keep you ahead of the game.

Our Solution

AQSCERT offers a large range of tailored training solutions in Quality, Environmental, Health and Safety, Social Accountability Management Systems, Food Safety and Information Security Management Systems.

We are accredited by numerous training organizations, including global accreditation by the International Register of Certified Auditors (RICEC).

We offer 9 accredited programs:

– Internal QMS Auditor
– OH&S MS Auditor Conversion
– ISO 9000 Series Auditor/Lead Auditor
– ISMS Auditor Conversion
– ISMS Auditor/Lead Auditor
– OH&S MS Auditor/Lead Auditor
– ISO 9000 Series Foundation
– EMS Auditor/Lead Auditor
– EMS Auditor Conversion


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