Schools and Trainings

AQSCERT born for the certification of state and private, primary and secondary schools, early childhood services, training boards and, as a general rule, for all the organizations offering their service and their professional capabilities to the training sector.
AQSCERT wants to be acknowledgement and strong guarantee of a “quality school”, putting itself on the move to create new certification routes to answer – through functional and suitable tools – to the requirements and needs of the student-client, at first, and to the competences and the additional services required by the families and by the whole school personnel.
In the hallmark, a star – a recall of the famous Californian observatory-, to underline the “high” meaning and the leading role that culture and instruction hold in the quality of life.
The star expresses the goal of shedding light on the skills and on not expressed ideas, to clarify as much as possible on internal processes, responsibilities, competence areas, improvement fronts and innovation processes in which to invest.

The contact and expression point between AQSCERT- and schools are the auditors, coming from the world of the school itself, who become active and factive reference to let the potentialities of the schools come out and become proficient.
To whom we apply
Training Bodies
Infancy Institutes
Services centres for schools
AQSCERT school and training sector certifications:
• Quality Management System (ISO 9000)
• Environmental Management Systems (ISO 14001)
• EMAS registration
• Workplace Health and Safety Management System (OHSAS 18001)
• Certification for specific services
• Personnel certification

AQSCERT is accredited by DA – for the accreditation of certifications bodies, associate of EA and IAF.
Certificates from an accredited body attest to internationally recognized reliability and credibility.

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