We cater for any type of agro-food business, from simple to more complex, at any level of the chain supplier / customer, thanks to the professionalism and expertise gained in the sector:
• farms
• slaughterhouses
• feed mills
• food processing industry (meat, fish, fruit, oil, milk, baked goods, coffee, mineral water and beverages)
• restaurants, catering and canteens
• transport
• traders and retailers
• large-scale distribution of food
• control laboratories
What advantages
The certification companies have at their disposal a tool that allows them to offer a guarantee – because validated by a third party-on management of your company or the declared characteristics of the products.
The certification of a management system shows, in fact, the ability to ensure a level of quality over time subject to certain international standards (ISO 9001, ISO 14000, HACCP).
Certify a product allows, however, to highlight its quality features and workmanship, giving it the added value that can also justify the eyes of consumers a premium price.

The advantages :
• are optimized and streamlined operational processes, enabling greater flexibility and dynamism to the business management and the introduction of continuous improvement programs;
• reduces the operating expenses due to the reduction of waste and errors and to facilitate the prevention of accidents in the area of food safety and the environment;
• creating greater internal transparency, with clear allocation of responsibilities, increased employee motivation and encouragement of internal communication;
• the management company is set up with a strong customer orientation, is monitored their level of satisfaction, the company best meets their needs and is thus more competitive;
• It simplifies the relationships with supermarket chains and other entities such as banks, insurance companies, public authorities.


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